COVID-19 Resources for Montanans

Montana's Testing Information

Currently DPHHS is prioritizing testing at the MTPHL to ensure critical testing needs of patients and providers are met. As a result, testing performed will prioritized as follows:

Priority 1- Testing supporting response activities:

  1. Symptomatic, regardless of hospitalization
  2. Close Contacts 1 and Outbreak Investigations coordinated by Public Health Authorities

Priority 2- Testing supporting surveillance/monitoring activities:

  1. Frontline workers (Health Care Workers in high-risk situations, staff of Assisted Living Facilities and Long Term Care centers participating in surveillance testing)
  2. Residents of selected congregate settings such as group homes, institutions, and other facilities

Other low priority testing will be conducted as resources allow but may not be a priority for the MTPHL. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Testing of asymptomatic people for activities such as travel
  • Pre-procedural testing such pre-ops, dental visits and similar activities
  • Testing of individuals in the general public who are not symptomatic
  • Other individuals who seek testing that do not fit into the priority categories above

Close contacts are generally identified and referred to providers by local public health officials but instances of patient referrals may occur. If necessary, consultation with local public health officials, when feasible, if concerns regarding whether or not someone is a valid close contact exist.

If you have questions about COVID-19 testing in your county, please call your local health department or visit



For information about COVID-91 testing, please visit Testing for COVID-19 | CDC.